787 and 777 Engine Maintenance Scaffolding

787 & 777 Engine Maintenance Scaffold


787 Landing Gear Maintenance scaffold


Wafer Edge Exposure LED Light Box

Working with Cale

"Working with Cale for now over ten years has been an absolute pleasure.  The time sensitive environment of the semiconductor industry has always presented its challenges, and Cale and their staff have always been accomodating. Their can-do attitude, knowledge and skill have never let us down." - Mike, Microchip Technologies

"I’ve worked with Cale Engineering for around 24 years now. Great people nice atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and friendly. 100% quality. Most of all they stand up to their word and they will make sure you leave with a great product." - John, Elliot Berry

"Having used their services for many years, I would just like to thank Cale for their consistent precise work and their adherence to demanding specifications. It is a pleasure to know that our company can count on their team to consistently deliver quality products on time. No job has been too small or too difficult for them to tackle." - John, Wolfspeed

"Cale Engineering has been our go-to team for custom design and manufacturing of maintenance solutions. Team Cale has designed, developed and manufactured critical equipment for both our Aircraft and Facility Maintenance operations. Highly Skilled Engineers, Technicians, and attention to detail and on-time delivery is their winning formula. - Les, United Airlines

"Exceptional engineering, quality and customer service."

- Nick, United Tech Ops

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