Semiconductor Industry

Wafer Edge Exposure LED Light Box
The CALE Wafer Edge Exposure (WEE) LED light source is an innovative, cost-effective upgrade to your fleet’s inefficient mercury light sources. The groundbreaking innovation that makes this product possible is its use of state-of-the-art Monochromatic DUV LED technology.
For generations, WEE processes have used short-lived, inefficient “Broad” spectrum mercury light sources. The majority of the “WEE process” only requires light within a very narrow spectral range, with the remainder of the output energy resulting in extraneous light and heat emissions.
The CALE LED light source provides light only within the extremely narrow band of spectral emissions required for the DUV exposure process. The LED light sources used in the CALE product convert 20-40% of their input electrical energy into this “usable” light, which in turn allows for a substantial reduction in power usage and waste heat.

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